This poor kid just wanted a nerf gun for Christmas and liberal mall Santa decided to make him cry instead
· Dec 7, 2020 ·

This makes me so mad. Another Christmas tradition ruined by politics.

It's bad enough these kids have to talk to Santa from the other side of a sheet of plexiglass, but this useless mall Claus decided Christmas wasn't thoroughly ruined yet for this young boy. No, he wanted to make sure he made him cry too.

After some prodding from the most bored-looking Santa you've ever seen, you hear the boy finally ask for "a nerf gun." But Santa Fraud instantly responds, "Nope. No guns. Not even a nerf gun."

You can tell the kid is stunned. He looks back at mom like "what do I do now?" And eventually, he starts crying. Mom has to come over to comfort him.

Santa's a jerk!! 😡

Like, seriously. You have one job, dude!

Just listen to the kids and ask them if they've been naughty or nice. It's been a hard enough year for these kids as it is. Don't preach your garbage politics at 'em, you white-bearded numbskull.

I'd have gone full Karen on that mall Santa if he did that to my son.

Managers would be spoken to!

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