This Valentine's Day, Lefty Slate Magazine Is Literally Encouraging Incest
· Feb 14, 2022 ·

In case you thought the Left's sexual deviancy couldn't get any worse, here we have the ultra-progressive magazine Slate literally encouraging incest.




Yep, I don't blame you if you don't want to click through the link. It's as bad as you think.

This is an advice column where a troubled person is writing in about their taboo sexual desires and wants to know if they are wrong for being attracted to their relatives.

Dear How to Do It,

My first crush ever was on my uncle. I've noticed an attraction to two of my cousins. I've never, ever considered acting on these desires or told anyone, but I'm wondering if this is normal. Is my brain missing the evolutionary programming that makes you not want to **** your family? Or do most people only get the DON'T circuit for siblings and parents?

— Am I Alone?

This person wants to know if there's something wrong with them for wanting to sleep with their uncle or cousin, and what do you think Slate's answer is?

You guessed it! "Nope!"

So, if your cousins didn't grow up in the same house as you, this kind of "evolutionary programming" you refer to simply does not apply. It's legal to marry one's first cousin in several countries and cultures, including the U.K. (Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were third cousins.) While reproducing with one's first cousin does have a somewhat elevated risk of birth defects, they're still fairly low (according to one scholar, chance of early death and illness is between three and four percent greater than in non-cousin couples, but this risk only applies to carriers of rare disorders that are present in less than 10 percent in cousin couples). It has been argued, in fact, that third or fourth cousins are a Goldilocks sort of pairing, genetically speaking: Their genes would be diverse enough to avoid the risks of first cousins but close enough to avoid genetic incompatibilities. Time to bust out the family tree and start making some calls!

Because it's legal and some places, and some fringe scientific researchers say it's no big deal, it's really totally cool to... never mind.

All of this is to suggest that the taboo of cousin sex in (parts of) the U.S., is primarily socially based. There isn't anything to suggest there's something very wrong with your wiring. Maybe your uncle and cousins are just hot. It happens! That you're not interested in acting on this attraction is key, as even the relatively minor risks in such a pairing—not to mention whatever unrest it might kick up in your family—doesn't apply. Your thoughts and feelings are not crimes. You're fine!

The message being preached here is the logical conclusion of the "born this way" LGBT movement. You can't help that you have sexual desires for relatives. It's just who you are and it's totally normal.

The same argument that was used for gay marriage that has slippery sloped down to pedophilia is today being used to justify incest.

"It's normal to feel this way. As long as you don't act on it, it's fine" is literally the same line used about "minor-attracted persons," AKA pedophiles.

We are in deep, deep trouble in our culture.

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