This lady wants you to be really excited about Chinese vending machines that work by scanning your face
· Dec 26, 2022 ·

No cash, no human interaction, and no credit card sound pretty cool until the government tells you to delete that Facebook post in order to get a bottle of water!

China already uses a social credit system that penalizes people for speech and behavior the government doesn't like (you know, going to church, having a big family, believing in liberty, owning property – that kind of thing!).

This system literally locks people out of apps, transportation, banks, stores, and now – no doubt in my mind – vending machines!

If you don't care about what happens in commieland, understand that this technology could easily move to the US because people like this lady will love it for its convenience.

But hey, it's just a fun and cool vending machine!

Let the government use your biometric data to buy you that Coke. Totally fine!


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