To celebrate Pride month, Uber-owned food delivery service Postmates is offering helpful tips on how to commit better sodomy because I guess that’s a thing we’re doing now.
· Jun 13, 2022 ·

At least now we know what the "S" in "ESG investing" really stands for.

Postmates is a delivery service founded in 2011 and competes with the likes of GrubHub and Door Dash. Like most of these kinds of services it focuses on food, operating in nearly 3000 cities. It was purchased by Uber last year for $2.65 billion. Uber itself is valued at around $45 billion.

So, we're not exactly talking some obscure business on the fringes of culture catering to some discreet niche market.

Nope, they're taking "bottom sex" mainstream!

[Warning: Disturbing, Sexual Content]

You shouldn't miss a good meal for a good time. That's why this Pride, we've teamed up with @DrEvanGoldstein and @smartthrob to create the world's first Bottom-Friendly Menu (yup, it's real). #EatWithPride

"Yup, it's real!"

What, you may ask, is a "Bottom-Friendly Menu" that will ensure you don't "miss a good meal for a good time?"

Let's me put it this way. Apparently, there is more to "bottom sex" (as opposed to "top sex" as typically practiced by heterosexuals) than you might think mainly because EEEEEUUUUU!!

Part of it has to do with diet, which when you think about it...

...given the topic at hand... would be expected to play a significant role since...

Okay, okay. Just one word:


Postmates is passionately dedicated to their bottom-friendly menu.

Exactly. We're tired of heterosexual sex being the main focus of sexual education.

A multi-billion-dollar corporation with a primary fiduciary responsibility to maximize shareholder value is "tired" that the form of sex as practiced by the vast majority of its customers and essential to the very survival of the human race is "the main focus of sexual education"?

Homosexual sex, specifically bottoming, is all too often omitted and stigmatized. Not this year. Happy Pride!

"All too often."

Look, people do all kinds of things in private that I don't need to know about, like pick their nose, watch anything with a Kardashian in it, and put pineapple on pizza.

But hey, you do you, okay?

However, that doesn't mean I want to hear about it, particularly not from a the guys that deliver my food.

While there are those who are delighted that a major company is finally taking a principled stand for sodomy, it is in fact alienating many of those it was trying to appease with their nuclear-level inclusiveness.

@outmagazine we have been doing this work for over a year now and have a large and dedicated following on both Instagram and TikTok. Maybe the real article here is how corporations consistently erase queer voices during pride and continue to promote harmful stigma.

@Postmates stole this whole concept from Chef Alex Hall at the Bottoms Digest...

Totally uncool in every possible capitalistic-takeover-of-Pride kind of way.

Some people are simply incapable of being happy.

You do have to wonder where they will eventually draw the line? I truly don't care what consenting adults do in private, but what parameters, if any, are we going to place on public discourse? The matter Postmates is addressing in their tweet is a matter that doesn't have to be addressed by a major food delivery company. It just doesn't.

And of course, object to this glorification of sodomy and you are labeled a homophobe or worse.

why are people being unironically homophobic in the replies? am i missing something? (/gen) oh no depictions of kink ooooh scaryyy!! (/sarcasm)

You must embrace the kink!

Or not.

As Tim Young of The Washington Times suggested,

How about you avoid sex altogether when delivering people's food...

But they can't.

This is from a Pride parade I stumbled across in Boston about 10 years ago.

This was pretty typical of it. Nothing untoward, nothing I would be uncomfortable about bringing my kid to, and in fact, I had my young son with me, still in elementary school at the time.

And, as you might have seen earlier today, we now have this:

I won't embed the next one, no part of the video is SFW, but you can click through if you like (obvious content warning). The accompanying tweet reads:

INSANE: A mother stands by in excitement as her TODDLER is exposed to half naked men WHIPPING each other in BDSM and doggy play attire here at Pride LA in Hollywood CA

Not everyone is on board with this, including gay men, I suspect most gay men, in fact.

Sigh. I fear that public perception of gay men will worsen because of the actions of a few. All I want to do is find a nice guy and build a long, fulfilling life with him. I don't want to prance around naked in the street like a maniac, or expose kids to Drag events. What a mess.

No one but a select few think any of this is a good idea, exposing kids to S&M kink, food delivery companies publicly extolling ways to have extra-good sodomy, and all manner of behavior that should not be paraded about on a public street.

But, this is no longer about basic human rights, nor is it even about "acceptance." It's about subjugation. There are segments of this movement, the loudest and noisiest of course, that need to "win." They need you to genuflect at their feet.

They don't want your acceptance. They want your surrender.

As Christian Watson wrote above, "I fear that public perception of gay men will worsen."

And it very well might. Postmates says it is "tired of heterosexual sex being the main focus of sexual education."

Well, wait until they find out how tired those those of us who have a live-and-let-live attitude – but still insist on some level of public decorum respect for the sensitivities and beliefs of others and the a belief that kids are not just smaller versions of adults – are becoming with your relentless antics.

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