Trump creates "Office of the Former President" to "carry on the agenda" of his administration 👀

Jan 26th

So Trump just created his own personal office, dubbed "The Office of the Former President" to handle his public communications and "carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration."

Here was the statement shared by lawyer Jenna Ellis:

For all those talking heads at CNN who were so relieved to have Trump gone (but secretly cried that the man generating 90% of their revenue had left), the news must have come as a shock.

The name of the actual office irks me – just as Biden's "OffiCe of tHe PrEsiDeNt-eLecT" annoyed me – but it's stated purpose of giving Trump a platform (considering he's been scrubbed from 90% of our channels of communication) is understood, and it's endearing to see that he will "forever be a champion for the American People."

That being said: how will this play out for the country?

Well, on one hand, it allows Trump to continue doing what he actually does best: being a club against inane and dangerous ideologies taking over our public institutions at warp speed.

On the other hand, it sets him up as a highly influential (and extremely divisive) public figure set against the ruling government. Expect to see the phrase "shadow government" run on media networks for the next five weeks.

Were Trump a more... subtle man, this might not be a bad thing. After all, Obama hasn't resigned from shaping culture or power broking just because he no longer sits in the White House.

But I'd wager that with Trump's tendency to be a pitbull – with often reckless, hyperbolic rhetoric – this could easily turn out to be a disaster.

He might be making it clear he will not go gentle into that good night, but what that means for America is unclear.

What do you think?

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