Twitch backtracks on "Womxns History Month" tweet because there's no such thing as Womxns History Month. Or Womxns.
· Mar 2, 2021 ·

Twitch has been known to jump on the woke bandwagon, but this time they just missed the mark.

Within hours of tweeting out about Womxn's History Month on Monday, they issued a retraction saying they will be using the term Women moving forward. The tweet offended both women and wannabe women, for different reasons.

The rules of wokeness are everchanging, and difficult to follow, even for the wokest of the wokies.

Womxn is great because you wouldn't want the terrible slur MEN to denigrate the word women. And womxn is also a horribly bigoted word because it indicates that trans women aren't real women, and that's transphobic and probably racist if you really think about it.

Also, WOMXN isn't a word, but whatever.

Silly Twitch, you can only erase women by not talking about them. Now do Latinx.

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