Twitter dropped the banhammer on a Christian magazine for this "hateful" sentence

Feb 2nd

The Big Tech overlords have been putting in some extra work lately.

If you believe a man can't literally become a woman, keep one eye on the skies. You never know when Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg will descend from Olympus, banhammer in hand and ready to dole out some social justice.

Such was the case over the weekend when Twitter poleaxed The Daily Citizen, a magazine made by Christian ministry Focus on the Family.

Why, you may ask, was The Daily Citizen thrown in social media jail?

Well, for being "hateful" of course.

See, The Daily Citizen posted a tweet about President Biden's nominee for assistant secretary of health nominee, the transgender Dr. Rachel Levine.

Levine has every one of his 7 trillion cells encoded with the XY chromosome exclusively found in males across the entire animal kingdom. HOWEVER, he has put on makeup and long hair and women's clothes – and has potentially had some hormone shots and surgeries – and now identifies as a woman. THEREFORE, according to sCieNcE, we must never acknowledge that he's different from all the world's biological women ... or else be ridiculed and banned from polite society.

Here's the article that the tweet quoted. Go ahead and read it and see if you can find anything hateful.

If you're a normal, rational person, you probably didn't notice the following phrase at the beginning:

"Dr. Levine is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman."

To the uninitiated, this looks like a simple definitional phrase to help the reader understand who and what the article will discuss.

To the woke, however, this phrase is clearly a transphobic, evil statement set to applaud the murder of LGBT individuals and deprive them of their rights.

"You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease," said Twitter to The Daily Citizen.

Twitter won't unlock the magazine's account until they delete the tweet. In response, The Daily Citizen pointed out that all they did was provide a literal definition.

"We simply explained to our readers the appointment and defined what transgender women are — those born male who believe they are a woman, regardless of whether they have had opposite-sex hormones or surgeries," said The Daily Citizen wrote. "We believe Twitter's blocking of this tweet and lockdown of our account discriminates against Focus on the Family's The Daily Citizen on the basis of our religious affiliation."

What YOU read: "We simply explained to our readers the appointment and defined what transgender women are."

What the WOKE read: "We covertly told our readers how we hate both her AND sCiEnCe and want everyone to MURDER transgender women."

Translation: dictionary definitions are "hateful" now.

(Unless rewritten to be approved by the Party, of course.)

Good luck dodging the banhammer, ya'll. May the odds be ever in your favor!!


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