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I don't use an all-caps headline lightly.

Yes, Tucker Carlson has been censored by Twitter for sharing our sister site's joke!

After The Babylon Bee and Charlie Kirk caught Twitter bans for posting that Biden's assistant Health and Human Services secretary Rachel Levine is a "man," Tucker Carlson was censored by Twitter for pointing out that both the Bee and Kirk were telling the truth. His tweet, in defense of Kirk and the Bee, is no longer available on Twitter because it "violates the Twitter rules."

Carlson shared screenshots of both the Bee's and Kirk's suspension, saying "But wait. Both these tweets are true." Twitter, apparently, is not in the business of truth, but instead in the business of censorship.

Censors gonna censor!! They are seriously digging in with this crud. Pretty soon, the only people on Twitter will be media pundits, politicians, and broke guys tweeting on their anon accounts from their moms' basements. That's gonna be great for the ad revenue.

Here's the "hateful" tweet:

Yeah, that's the most watched media personality in American media, and it isn't even close. To censor him is bigger than censoring any other person or company in the media.

We've said it a hundred times, and we'll say it again for all the magazines and news publications that are celebrating men as "women of the year": "Rachel" Levine is a man and will never be anything other than a man. Full stop.

This is not the first time Levine has been a source of controversy on the platform. Both Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Banks were suspended and censored by Twitter for stating that Levine, a biological male, is male and is a man.

Like I said, this is the hill they've decided to die on. The trenches are being dug and the battlements are being built.

Twitter, you really want this delusion to be your Yorktown or Waterloo? LET'S GOOOO!!

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