Uh-oh: lawsuit against Subway now alleges their tuna sandwich contains chicken, pork, beef
· Nov 12, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Welcome back to the tunagate scandal, people!

And if you don't know much about it you can click here. Basically, the story of Tunagate started when two chicks in California filed a lawsuit against Subway earlier this year alleging that Subway's tuna sandwich does not actually have any tuna in it. Strange. But that's what this website is for.

What's more, a study paid for by the New York Times went on to find no traces of tuna in the Subway tuna sandwich. Again, very strange.

Moving on to Act II of Tunagate, I give you this:


All 20 samples contained "detectable sequences of chicken DNA," according to the complaint, while 11 samples were found to have pork DNA and seven contained cattle DNA.

In the original lawsuit, which has now been amended to add this new claim, it was alleged that Subway's tuna was actually "a mixture of various concoctions that do not constitute tuna, yet have been blended together by [Subway] to imitate the appearance of tuna."

So it only makes sense that other meats would be added to give it that real "chicken of the sea" flavor.

What, you think they added Impossible "meat"? Gross.

Anyhow, this whole story that I thought was dead is turning out to be amazing. I love myself a good Subway tuna sandwich, so I'm here for it. And I could really care less if there's chicken, pork, and beef in there. The more the merrier.

Heck, why not add some venison?

But there are some problems, and I'll make it brief:

The alleged discovery of other animal DNA in the meat Subway purports to be tuna not only undermines the company's marketing of "100 percent tuna," but also opens up the sandwich chain to a host of potential ethical violations related to dietary and religious restrictions.

And if the claims are true, this is absolutely a big deal.

Here's Subway:

A spokesman for Subway bashed the latest lawsuit and insisted that "Subway tuna is high-quality, wild-caught, 100 percent tuna."

"The plaintiffs have filed three meritless complaints, changing their story each time. This third, most recent amended claim, was filed only after their prior complaint was rightfully dismissed by a federal judge," the spokesman said.

"Our legal team is in the process of evaluating the plaintiffs' amended claim, and will once again file a new motion to dismiss this reckless and improper lawsuit. The fact remains that Subway tuna is real and strictly regulated by the FDA in the U.S., and other government entities around the world."

Anyhow, like I said, I'm here for it.

And you'll never stop me from ordering the tuna sandwich at Subway!

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