Inspector General watchdog report reveals the US has lost about $1.7 billion in arms sent to Ukraine
· Jan 12, 2024 ·

You know the corruption and lack of accountability in Ukraine is bad when ABC News is reporting on it.

And on their national nightly news at that!

Inspector General Robert Storch found that while accounting practices have improved since Russia's invasion began, as of last June, tracking of more than half of the U.S.-supplied Javelins, Stinger missiles, night-vision devices and other defense articles subject to enhanced end-use monitoring standards sent to Ukraine "remained delinquent."

The total value of the equipment in question is $1.7 billion.



More than half of our Javelins, Stingers, and night vision equipment given to Ukraine just disappeared without a trace once it got over there?

The IG assures us he doesn't think any of the equipment fell into the wrong hands, but there's no guarantee.

And we're still funding this war?

The report concludes that the documented failures are due to the limited number of personnel conducting the work and restrictions on their movement within Ukraine, as well as the absence of procedures for end use monitoring until December 2022.

We don't have enough people to make sure that our military equipment is used properly or, at the least, doesn't get sold to the highest bidder on the terrorist black market.

We're just throwing money away at this point.

Even if you completely support funding Ukraine, you've gotta admit, this ain't working!

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