URGENT: We need to talk about Joe Biden's earlobes!

Aug 24th

Guys, something's up with Joe Biden's ears! Now, I'm no conspiracy theorist but look at this:

Notice anything?


Look again:

Biden has completely different earlobes in these two photos!

Yeah. Take all the time you need with that!

Earlobes are a fascinating thing. If you have dangly earlobes, that's a dominant genetic trait:

But if they never dangle, and just kind of get absorbed into your neck, that's a recessive genetic trait:

How can this be possible? Well, I'm happy to report that a conspiracy theorist friend of mine has a very simple answer:

Biden is not ONE man, but TWO PUPPETS!

I mean, it only makes sense. How else could he manage to sniff so much hair? I mean, the dude has a quota to meet!

Now, I know you might be thinking, "Oh, there's probably a completely rational explanation for this, such as scarring around his ears that clearly indicates he had a face lift at some point, which altered his earlobes."

But, which explanation really makes the most sense? You're willing to believe the outlandish idea that a wealthy public figure would alter his appearance through cosmetic surgery to make himself appear younger, but you won't even consider that Joe Biden is really two hair-sniffing senile doppelgängers out to fool us all???

You think that scarring around his ears was for a face lift?? More like a Face/Off!!

Wake up, sheeple!


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