Van Jones gets it: "Latinx? I've never met a Latinx ... Nobody talks that way"
· Jun 22, 2022 ·

You guys, the Left has got A LOT to work on. Slowly but surely they're falling out of touch with everyday Americans, and it's starting to show at the ballot box. If they're not careful, all this "don't offend this group," and "Republicans are racist" stuff is going to leave them without a voter base.

CNN's Van Jones can see the writing on the wall, and he wasn't afraid to speak his mind last week on the air.

"We're becoming a party of the very high and the very low. If you could pull out the working class, you've got people who are very well educated and very well off. Those people talk funny: Latinx? I've never met a Latinx. I've never met a BIPOC…This weird stuff that these highly-educated people say is bizarre. Nobody talks that way at the barber shop, the nail salon, the grocery store, the community center. But that's how we talk now. So that's weird."

Yeah, it is weird. And nobody likes it. I don't even think the people who are openly using these terms like it.

Now, I'm not a Lefty, and as far as I'm concerned these people can run their party off the road with this nonsense if they want, but for sportsmanship's sake: Lefties, you gotta cut this stuff out!

Else you're gonna be really upset when Republicans run the country for the next 20 years.

I'll leave you with this Babylon Bee headline which pretty much says it all for the Democratic Party:


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