Victor Davis Hanson's description of the Jussie Smollett case is hilarious, accurate, and belongs in the history books
ยท ยท Sep 1, 2022 ยท

If you don't follow the work of Victor Davis Hanson you are most certainly missing out.

He has such a keen observational insight and a way of describing things that, on one hand, is exactly accurate and on the other hand just makes you laugh.

Here's Hanson describing the events of the Jussie Smollett case in such hilarious detail, you can't help but laugh.

This description ranks right up there at the top. Funnier than the infamous Dave Chapelle routine on Smollett, and maybe slightly less funny than Charles Barkley's description.

The issue isn't just Jussie's obviously fake story โ€“ it's all the people so invested in the identity politics and Orange Man Bad madness who just ate the story up, no questions asked.

He went on Good Morning America. Kamala Harris promoted his story. We ALL knew it was fake from the start, but politics made this obvious hoax believable for those invested in leftwing politics.

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