WaPo writers are flinging poo at each other after the paper suspended a writer for retweeting a joke (but won't do anything about lying and doxxing private citizens)
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WaPo is 2022's definition of a hot mess.

No, really ๐Ÿ‘‡

The Washington Post, June 1972: Two dogged reporters patiently dig into the details of a strange burglary at Democratic Party headquarters, diligently assemble facts, cultivate sources and put together a package of revelations that will lead to the first presidential resignation in history.

The Washington Post, exactly half a century later: Two Mean Girl basket cases spend an entire weekend crazily lurching around spitting inane accusations at their colleagues for microaggressing them. The more people laugh, the louder they cry, "I'm being endangered!"

How the mighty have fallen.

If you missed it, WaPo reporter Taylor Lorenz cried victim again last week when it was demonstrably proven that she straight-up lied in an article and then tried to cover it up.

This of course, is the same Taylor Lorenz who proves "democracy dies in darkness" by doxxing the woman who runs the Libs of TikTok account, choosing to endanger the life of a woman exposing groomers over powerful politicians who are protected by "journalists" like Lorenz.

It's also the same Taylor Lorenz who was really upset that those powerful politicians couldn't get their "Disinformation Governance Board" off the ground so she could keep telling lies without anyone to contradict her.

But telling lies, covering them up, and using the power of the State to destroy your enemies โ€“ especially Jewish moms working at real estate agencies โ€“ is totally fine. WaPo gave Lorenz exactly zero penalties for her breech of journalistic integrity and blatant errors, or for the social media tirade she launched before she locked her account so people couldn't criticize her.

Meanwhile, another writer, David Weigel, was fired for simply retweeting this joke:

99% of the human race knows that's at least worth a fair chuckle, even if the joke is a bit worn out. But not WaPo.

No, WaPo is about saving decorum and democracy from evil people who would DARE joke about women having mood swings!


Weigel's coworker, Felicia Sonmez, complained about the tweet with a passive-aggressive reply of her own, definitely not proving the joke to be rooted in reality.

Fantastic to work at a news outlet where retweets like this are allowed!

What a way to prove that women aren't bipolar meanies who can't stand humor!

(The infighting caused this joke to spread like wildfire on socials, by the way)

There was, of course, no need for Sonmez to write this. Weigel had already been approached by some shadowy person in HR and had issued an apology for, again, retweeting a silly joke (can you believe this timeline we live in?).

But WaPo, wanting to keep its terrible staff while destroying any of the good ones, went for broke.

Sonmez clearly was trying to get Weigel fired or severely punished...

And she succeeded.

Then, to top it off, another WaPo writer took issue with Sonmez. Jose Del Real told her to knock it off with the Twitter shaming and she went absolutely nuclear on him in response.


Beyond the fact that Sonmez could crack as many jokes about men as she wants with no repercussions, she's turning a retweet of a joke into CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY while others at the paper are allowed to literally lie and call for censorship of their enemies. Talk about a double standard!

Meanwhile, many observers noted that it was a bit silly for Weigel to be forced to grovel for a dumb joke when another colleague, middle-aged TikTok reporter Taylor Lorenz, was so colossally bungling one of her trademark silly social-media attack pieces that the WaPo wound up attaching a series of (so far) three ever-lengthening corrections to try to clean up the mess. The story as originally published had falsely reported that Lorenz sought comment from two of the people she trashed.

When even the far-left media reporter Oliver Darcy of CNN gently pointed out that the level of journalism being practiced here was not great, Lorenz went berserk on Twitter and accused him of driving a "vicious harassment/smear campaign" against her.

The only reason WaPo hasn't fired Del Real for trying to calm down bipolar Sonmez is because, as he noted in his virtue signaling reply to Sonmez, he's the only "gay Mexican American" on staff.

The media clowns are literally turning into The Office and I am here for it.

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