DC Mayor Bowser is upset about all the illegal immigrants crossing her city’s border on buses sent by Texas Governor Abbott
· Jul 18, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser went on "Face the Nation" to talk about the problem of illegal immigration into her city.

Not immigration into the US, just her city.

DC's problem started when Texas governor Greg Abbott decided that he was going to share the burden of more than 200,000 immigrants pouring into his state every month.

Mayor Bowser says that homeless shelters are starting to fill up in the city, and that those are services meant for DC's citizens.

Of course, rather than acknowledge the disconnect in her politics and acknowledge that millions of undocumented immigrants in Texas are using up resources intended for Texan citizens, she blames the entire situation on Governor Abbott for "tricking" the immigrants into going to Washington DC.

Even normally left-leaning Twitter was unsupportive of the DC Mayor's plight. I scrolled through comments for a while on Face the Nation's post and saw zero sympathy.

And somewhat saddening, there was zero sympathy for the people crossing the border as well.

Mayor Bowser is correct that Abbott is playing a political game when real people are hurting; it's just that she wanted to play the game too without having those hurting people in her backyard.

Living on the border, it's heartbreaking watching people who have traveled to the U.S., through unimaginable conditions often with small children, all in the hopes of a better life.

Personally, I don't blame the immigrants for wanting to come, but they too often find very little hope for a better life here when avenues like gainful, legal employment are closed to those who don't come across the border the right way.

I know a lot of undocumented immigrants who live in constant fear that they'll be sent home as soon as their court date comes up, but who also worry everyday how they're going to feed their children while they're here. Never mind the children that come across unaccompanied, and I won't even get into the trafficking and drugs.

It is true they have been tricked into making the journey for what is usually false hope, not by Governor Abbott, but by the Biden Administration.

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