Washington State: “All your child are belong to us.”
· Apr 17, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Washington State has taken another important step in its quest to become the child castration capital of the world:

As we all know, the most serious crisis this country faces right now is the difficulty children have in receiving life-saving genital mutilation services, particularly those unfortunate enough to have parents who think that might not be the best idea in the world.

To those children, I say, "Don't worry, help is on the way." While your parents may not love you enough to have your genitals surgically removed, State Representative Tana Senn is here to assure you that Washington State does.

I am saying tonight to them that I see you, that I affirm you, that I hear you, that I love you. With this bill passage, we say that Washington State does too.

Irreversible sterilization and a lifetime of drug dependency?

That's a special kind of love, one that only an expansive state bureaucracy can truly understand.

Like many states, Washington has laws in place that permit the state to seize children from their parents if there are "compelling reasons" to do so, including if there is a reasonable belief that the child might be subject to abuse or neglect.

The bill, which now awaits Governor Jay Inslee's signature, would expand the definition of abuse to include not castrating your child. Also included would be not removing your child's breasts, not giving your child powerful experimental hormones, and not rendering them incapable of ever conceiving children.

It's about time somebody put a stop to parents putting a stop to hysterectomies.

There are, of course, those who argue that children's brains are not developed enough for them to have the emotional or physical maturity to make such life-altering decisions.

Those people would be the same people arguing the opposite, as State Senate Republican Leader John Braun Braun points out:

Right now, [Democrats] are sponsoring a juvenile offender sentencing bill based on 'the expansive body of scientific research on brain development, which shows that adolescents' perception, judgment, and decision-making skills differ significantly from that of adults.

But the important thing to understand is that you need to shut up about that.

Interestingly, there remain many things that children are still not permitted to do in Washington State absent parental permission:

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