WATCH: A statistical case against a Biden win in less than 6 minutes

Nov 10th

Here's a succinct, four-part breakdown of a statistical case against a Biden win. This is presented by Steve Cortes, a senior advisor in Trump's 2020 campaign, so take it from a partisan perspective. That being said, Cortes admits that the evidence is circumstantial while highlighting the statistical improbability of the election results and the need for an audit therein.

In Part 1, Cortes discusses record turnout in places like Wisconsin, which had 90% voter turnout. Not only was this equivalent to Australia, where voting is mandatory, but such turnout only happened in key areas Biden needed to win to flip states. One example was Milwaukee, which had 84% turnout compared to another Midwestern city like Cleveland (51%), despite similar demographics.

In Part 2, Cortes points out the record numbers of people who apparently turned out to vote for Biden – a candidate known for calling the lid early on sparse campaign stops, confusing his words, and sniffing hair – compared to someone with "rock-star appeal" like Obama. The key swing county of Montgomery in Pennsylvania was won by Obama in 2012 by 59,000 votes, but Biden doubled that with a 131,000 vote margin despite the county only growing by 22,000 over that time.

In Part 3, Cortes talks about the high number of voters who only voted for Biden but did not vote for any congressional, judicial, sheriff, college board, or other candidates. In Georgia, where Biden's razor-thin margin is forcing a recount, 95,801 ballots only had Joe's name filled in under the presidential race while ignoring all other federal, state, and local races. Only 818 Trump voters did the same.

In Part 4, Cortes finishes by discussing the absence of any vetting for mail-in voting, which was pushed early and heavily by the Democratic Party. In Pennsylvania, the rejection rate of mail-in ballots as incomplete or fraudulent was only 0.03%, 1/30th of Pennsylvania's average rate for elections. For first-time mail-in voters – of which there were tens of millions this year – the typical rejection rate is 3%, or a hundred times higher than what was reported last week. In addition, neighboring New York reported a rejection rate of 21% this year when moving to mail-in voting over the summer.

Isn't math great? Remember folks, at Not The Bee we believe that 2+2=4, that the due process of law is amazing, and that wisdom is proved right by her actions.

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