Canadian first responders stage silent protest against vaccine mandate
ยท Sep 15, 2021 ยท

We hear them loud and clear.

All kinds of first responders staged a protest in Toronto on Monday against a vaccine mandate that requires "all workers in the City of Toronto" to disclose if they've been vaccinated on Monday. A vaccine mandate for police officers also went into effect on Tuesday.

The Toronto Star has a rather lengthy report on it all. Here's some more video from the scenes in Toronto on Monday:

Monday also had some counter-protestors, such as this one holding a trollish sign that reads: "I demand my right to be ignarant & selfish!!" and "I know more than the scientists" on each side.

(He's the one who misspelled "ignorant," not me).

I've got a suggestion: Why doesn't this Boomer trade that bike helmet for a dunce cap?

The City of Calgary also requires its government employees to get COVID-vaccinated. In response, approximately 2,000 people protested vaccine mandates in Calgary on Sunday.

The COVID Craziness in Canada is rampant.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said he was "deeply disturbed by anti-vaxxer gatherings outside of hospitals and health-care sites in the last few weeks."

Calling the protests "anti-vaxxer gatherings" shows Trudeau either doesn't understand what they're protesting or is purposefully misrepresenting them. And both of those possibilities are unacceptable.

It's not a protest against vaccines. It's a protest against tyranny.

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