Watch Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Try to Out-Cringe Her Early Works With a New Video on SCIENCE
· Nov 12, 2020 ·

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has really made a name for herself this year, mostly in making a fool out of herself often in a seemingly planned and coordinated manner. This time, the Mayor may have outdone herself.

Here we get a purposefully cringey video tribute to the Biden Covid team, bowing to the one true leftist god:

Oh yes, enjoy the hilarity as the Michael Scott of mayors shows you once again what a ridiculous person she is.

A startled Mayor Lightfoot awakens from a troubled sleep and startled looks down to see that she has a science textbook in her lap. Then the relieved mayor stares right into the camera and delivers the iconic lines that will be remembered for generations to come:

"Thank God. Science is back, baby!"

Lightfoot then turns towards the globe beside her, gives it a couple of pats, and says, "and the earth is round, not flat."

Somebody needs to contact the Academy, because we have an Oscar nominee in the making here.

The video then cuts to someone dressed as a doctor sitting behind a computer who goes through the typical Covid talking points, wash your hands, social distance, and wear a mask. Each one of these points is emphasized by making an awkward video cut between each phrase. The doctor then concludes by emphasizing the video's main point, "I do love science!"

Yay! Biden has (allegedly) been elected president and now SCIENCE can again rule the day! We have been saved from the Bad Orange Anti-Science Man.

As alluded to earlier, Mayor Lightfoot really really likes performing. In 2020 she has put on some shows for the ages. You might remember her donning her cowgirl hat and summoning the Census Cowboy.

And who could forget the Corona Destroyer?

Lightfoot is all about image, as evidenced by the fact that she broke her own lockdown restrictions this Spring in order to pay a visit to the beauty parlor, which she excused by saying she is "the public face of the city." I'll offer no comment on the finished product, but to be concerned with being the "face of the city" she doesn't at all seem to mind continually opening herself up to public ridicule.

It's sad really, she's fallen so far from her glory days.


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