WATCH: Sen. Josh Hawley Unloads ๐Ÿ”ฅ By Listing 7 Times Judge Brown Jackson Was Lenient To Pedophiles in SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing
ยท Mar 22, 2022 ยท

The confirmation hearings for Biden nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson began on Monday and Republican Senator Josh Hawley made sure the proceedings started out with a bang.

It takes three and a half minutes for Hawley to read out just the basic facts of the seven cases where Brown Jackson has given essentially a slap on the wrist to individuals who have trafficked in child porn.

You can read all of the cases Hawley highlighted, plus examples of Brown Jackson arguing that pedophiles and distributors are not necessarily pedophiles in this detailed thread from the senator:

This revelation from Hawley should be more than enough to disqualify Brown Jackson from the bench, but you can bet the Left will call anyone who agrees with that a "sexist" and a "racist."

You know, the same Left that orchestrated the Kavanaugh circus!

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