WATCH: Pastor John MacArthur lays out the truth regarding America's "moral free fall" and rampant abuses of power

Nov 23rd

I hope you're ready for a truth bomb because Pastor John MacArthur doesn't mince words.

The pastor of Grace Community Church in L.A. spoke on Fox News on Thursday regarding his church's decision to stay open against California's explicit orders – mandates that force churches to remain closed while allowing establishments such as strip clubs to be open for business.

Host Laura Ingraham started by asking J Mac how strip clubs deserve more constitutional protections than churches.

In his response, MacArthur went straight for the jugular:

"America is in a moral free fall. Just look at it as I would as a pastor. You murder the babies in the womb. If they survive the womb, you try to seduce them into transgender sexual deviation when they're young. If they survive that, you corrupt them with a godless education. If they survive that, you have divorce in the family and if they grow to be adults, you drown them in a sea of pornography. This is a nation so far down in the sewer of immorality and wickedness that nothing surprises me. In fact, I would be shocked if a judge said, 'Open all the churches and close all the strip clubs.'"

Ingraham then asked about the recent Los Angeles Times story that attempted to accuse his church of an outbreak. MacArthur explained that three part-time security guards had tested positive for COVID-19 but had no symptoms. They returned to work within a few days. The Times, however, "called it an outbreak" and said MacArthur was getting his "due" because he "mocked COVID."

Here's the full clip:

Los Angeles County, which has harassed the church for months, has now cleared the church of any such "outbreak."

MacArthur has openly declared that the pandemic is being far overblown by politicians who want to grab power. He has said that the statistics, along with his church's experience, are demonstrative of this. Despite having more than 7,000 members meeting weekly for months, MacArthur has said no one in his congregation has been hospitalized from the virus.

"We're like a living illustration of the narrative of COVID being a lie," said the pastor.

Ingraham then talked about California Governor Gavin Newsom, who was recently spotted disobeying his own lockdown rules by dining with other prominent officials – two of them executive-level employees of the California Medical Association – inside a fancy restaurant, shoulder-to-shoulder, and wearing no masks.

"He doesn't really believe what he's saying about COVID," she said.

J Mac brought it home with a staunch reminder about human history (you know, that thing we're doomed to repeat should we forget it):

"Just a quick run through history," he said. "Go back to Julius Caesar. Go back to Napoleon. Go into the modern era. Every revolution – including Hitler's revolution and the revolution in Russia - every revolution took place in a time when the powers of the people in authority were enlarged because of a supposed emergency. Power-hungry people are using this emergency to gain greater power. This is historic. This is nothing new, and if people don't fight back, they're going to fall victim to whatever the intention of this revolution is."

MacArthur isn't afraid to call it like it is. Here's my question. There are churches on nearly every corner in America.

Where are the other J Macs?

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