Watch this freshman legislator go beast mode and school Congress on economics in his first speech in the House
· · Feb 6, 2021 ·

Check out first-term Rep. Byron Donalds (FL) school Congress on some basic economics in his first speech on the House floor:

In just under 4 minutes, Donalds takes a machete to the logic behind the Left's most recent stimulus proposal.

First, the congressman details why conservative states have far lower unemployment than "progressive" states at the moment:

"If you wanna stimulate something, actually let the American people get back to work. Let them run their businesses and you'd be surprised what actually [will] happen in our economy," Donalds began.

Then he brought up the issue of minimum wage, which always sounds good until it's implemented and more peeps lose their jobs:

"Let's talk about $15 minimum wage, which is in the Biden plan. I don't know how a $15 minimum wage is gonna help struggling small businesses continue to thrive in the current environment. Furthermore what we have already seen with the $15 minimum wage is that is has led to workers actually getting less hours at the jobs that they have. I don't see how that is actually helping anybody stimulate an economy."

He then moved on to education:

"In this plan, right now there's a 170 billion dollars give or take to go to local school districts to reopen. But guess what? If they're picketing outside of the school district school board in Chicago to not go back into the classroom, what is this additional money actually doing? In Florida, we've been open in our schools. We have done this, and there are tens of billions of dollars already available to help school districts reopen. All they need is leadership. They don't need more money.

Donalds then noted that government only has money because, you know, they take it from people... and in order to take it from people, said people have to be generating revenue.

"If you want to help state and local governments take care of their revenue problems, they should open up. They should not come back to this Capitol and get money, because why should Florida pay for New York? ...The only thing New York has done is help the real estate markets in Florida."

The congressman then went in for the kill, starching the Left for the hogwash of a political plan masquerading as aid to the American people:

"This budget resolution is not about economics. It's not about COVID-19. It's not about helping our schools reopen. This budget resolution is purely politics. It is an opportunity to push through an agenda through budget reconciliation, where if you actually studied our economy and studied the fact that now close to 40 million Americans have been vaccinated by group, the vaccine from the previous administration, we are on track to getting reopened. We should study this, we should be more targeted, and we should not be putting forward a massive spending bill where no study has ever been given."

Nancy Pelosi is probably making sure Democrats have answers to these logical arguments, like how this black congressman is a vicious racist and how letting people hang onto their money is actually helping evil billionaires (like the infamously Republican Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and most of Wall Street and Hollywood).


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