Watch this Libs of TikTok compilation of crazy ladies explaining why having babies is evil cuz of climate change
· May 11, 2022 ·


[Language Warning]

That's right, everyone! We're all going to die in 30 years! DOOM! DOOM!


That's why all the richest climate change figures are [checks notes] flying around to parties on their private jets from their oceanside mansions.

Obama has two oceanfront mansions on TWO oceans!

Alternatively, the environmental changes we're seeing right now will cause fluctuations humanity will adapt to over the next century (we're pretty good at it, after all), and the media will continue shouting that we're all gonna die in 7 years just like been doing since the 1970s.

Oh, and the more babies we bring into the world, the better technology and infrastructure we'll develop to create a dazzling, insane future that you can't even imagine (try explaining 2022 to someone from 1822).

In fact, if we DON'T have a lot more babies quickly, our entire civilization will arguably collapse back into another dark age where pollution is unchecked and we do untold damage to the environment as society unravels and dies off.

More babies is always the right way to go, you Malthusian quacks!

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