DANG! Listen to how this Harvard prof faced death threats because his research found NO RACIAL DISPARITIES in police shootings
· Feb 19, 2024 · NottheBee.com

DEI academics only care about "diversity" as long as the "diverse" opinions are the Approved™ ones.

Black economist Roland Fryer had his career destroyed by Harvard President Fake & Gay and had his life threatened because his research revealed that, guess what, the police aren't targeting black people!!

Here's a short clip of Fryer telling his story:

[Warning: Language]

What my paper showed ... we didn't find any racial bias in police shootings. Now, that was really surprising to me because I expected to see it. The little known fact is, I had 8 full-time [research assistants] that it took to do this over nearly a year.

When I found the surprising result, I hired 8 fresh ones, and redid it to make sure.

This was a man so thoroughly sold on the narrative (like most Americans) that he re-did the study because he couldn't believe the result.

This isn't a man who set out to prove conservatives right.

He just followed the data.

(What we used to call "SCIENCE.")

They came back with the same exact answer, and I thought it was robust. And then I went to go give it and, my G--, all hell broke loose.

It was a 104-page dense academic economics paper with 150 page appendix, okay? It was posted for 4 minutes when I got my first email, 'This is full of sh--! Doesn't make any sense!'

Then I wrote back, 'How'd you read it that fast? That's amazing!'

I had colleagues take me to the side and say, 'Don't publish this. You'll ruin your career.' I said, 'What are you talking about? What's wrong with it? Do you believe the first part (slight racial discrepancy for lower level use of force)?'


'Do you believe the second part (no racial disparity in shootings)?'

'Well, the issue is they just don't fit together. We like the first one, but you should publish the second one another time.'

(That's what experts now mean when they say "science.")

He published the study anyway and reaped the consequences from the "Tolerant" and "Listen to the data" and "Listen to black voices" lefties.

I lived under police protection for about 30 or 40 days. I had a 7-day old daughter at the time ... I was going to the grocery store to get diapers with an armed guard, it was crazy!

After his research, Dr. Claudine Gay (as dean at the time), helped organize a witch hunt against Fryer, platforming unproven accusations of sexual assault and harassment, which eventually were dropped.

But not before Gay was able to shut down Fryer's research lab.

I'm sure it wasn't because of this incident where he bucked the narrative, right?

Just par for the course for the tolerant Left.

You can watch Fryer's full interview with Bari Weiss here:

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