This superhuman reporter got hit by a car on live TV before getting up and finishing her segment on icy roads
· Jan 20, 2022 ·

You just have to watch this, guys. It is absolutely unreal.

This reporter was out doing a hit at a water main break discussing slick roads when a car appears out of nowhere and just swipes her.

[Language Warning]

She gets hit, says she's ok, gets back up, and is determined to finish the shot.

There are so many funny things about this clip.

To me, the absolute funniest thing is the lack of reaction from the anchor back in the studio.

She gets wiped out by a car and he just sits there stonefaced!

That's a first for you in live TV, Tori.

Dude! She just GOT HIT BY A CAR!

Look at his face!

He's so not concerned that, for a moment, he wants to change the news story into the hit, and asks where it hit her.

So this guy makes the video interesting but Tori is the real star here.

She gets hit by a woman driving an SUV, she assures the lady driving the car she's okay, and she just tries to continue like it's no big deal.

I actually got hit by a car in college too, just like that.

What the heck, lady? How often are you hanging out in the streets to get hit by a car twice? What kind of life has Tori lived?

This may be the greatest part of the clip, though. When we learn that Tori was sooooo close to leaving her job.

You know it's my last week on the job, and I knew this would happen.

Is she a movie character? It's like a police officer in an action/comedy who's getting too old for this... stuff.

Kudos to the superhuman Tori for being committed to her job and getting back in the saddle!

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