LGBT Panelists Say Matt Walsh Gave Them "Nightmares" From Dr. Phil Appearance And Walsh Wished Them Well During This "Tough Time"

Jan 20th

Matt Walsh recently went on Dr. Phil to defend reality against a couple of transgender activists, and if you couldn't guess, that went about as well as you could have imagined for the transgendered individuals.

Yeah, not good.

Sweet Daddy Walsh asked the activists to define the word woman, which is an impossible task for someone in the transgender community to do since it has no meaning for them. It's all personal to how they feel, or some nonsense like that.

Well, apparently the question "what is a woman?" was so harsh to the LGBT activists that they are having LITERAL NIGHTMARES about Matt Walsh since the taping of the show.

This is the message that Addison (with the beard and long hair), posted on Instagram after the airing:

"Oh no! The bad bearded man asked us to define the word "woman"!

"We had no idea that the VERY FAMOUS conservative political commentator who is known for challenging the transgender community would challenge us like this. If only we had done 2 minutes of research!"

Give me a break.

Walsh had thoughts:

They need to be healed by the magic of "good vibes" because the mean scary man asked them to define words.

As to those who said Walsh was bullying the activists, he had more thoughts:

As a member of the Sweet Baby Gang (those who are avid followers of Matt Walsh), I am very proud of Sweet Daddy's performance on the Dr. Phil show. We need people like Matt who are unafraid to stand up to the insanity of the world and face it down.

This is a win for reality. Maybe Walsh's message of truth will get through to Addison and Ethan, the transgender activists. He's given them a lot to think on.

And to dream on, apparently!

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