Undercover video shows top PornHub scriptwriter talk about inserting trans and gay content to "convert" kids as young as 12
· Dec 8, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Before we get into this story:


Sound Investigations has been doing undercover research into some of the executives and employees of PornHub, the world's largest pornography site, exposes the insidious methods used to groom young people into bizarre sexual ideas.

Daily Wire host Michael Knowles talked with Sound Investigations journalist Arden Young, who recorded Dillon Rice, a senior scriptwriter for PornHub, talking about his desire to insert trans content to hook people on the most deviant and extreme forms of porn from a young age.

I'll drop the 18-minute clip here for those interested, but feel free to skip if you just want the highlights:

Now to the summary:

We now know, for certain, they're targeting kids, they're targeting pedophiles, they are refusing to do business if anyone even suggest kicking kids off the platform, and they're trying to turn straight guys into trans guys by slipping in subtle, constantly more and more taboo, gay, bisexual, transgender themes into their stories.

As Knowles importantly notes, the average age of exposure to pornography in the US is 11 for boys. The folks behind this KNOW it's young kids watching this stuff and they are designing it to groom those young boys into homosexuality and/or transgenderism.

Employee Dillon Rice, a senior script writer at the company, is seen arguing that pornography usage could be beneficial for preteens.


"Let's say you're 12 years old, you're still figuring out your sexuality, maybe even your gender, wouldn't it be helpful to see not a celebration but maybe just a … normalization of something that you think is what you want?" Rice is seen saying.

If you didn't get it, I'll put the next quote in bold as well:

Rice went on to specifically reference a pornography site centered around transgender individuals, remarking, "Let's say I was 12 and I saw TransAngels … it would help me figure out what I do like and what I don't like."

Before the pro-porn libs tell you this is an overreaction, we are literally reporting what senior pornography producers say in their own words.


You may have bought into the lie that pornography is harmless. You may even be struggling with it right now.

Understand there's an agenda behind it all. Porn is a means to control you.

Here is a 7-minute clip from Sound Investigations showing multiple PornHub staffers they talked to:

[Just gonna remind you of that bold content warning at the top of this page]

Rice remarked that while some platforms are "primarily for straight men," the company tries to "push the envelope as much as you can and be like, can I hint at bi content here … what if we brought a trans talent onto the site … you kinda take those risks to broaden it a little more." Rice added "you're always trying to push a little further."

"They need to try to push stuff that is … less accepted, like putting a trans male or trans female in a scene," Rice said. "See if you can convert somebody."

Let me repeat that:

"See if you can convert somebody."

Don't give your kids access to phones and computers without barriers, and if you're struggling with this stuff (as many are), keep Knowles' words in mind:

"Stop looking at porn, if for no other reason than the senior writers here are saying they want to make you gay and trans!"

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