Woman breaks down after being threatened and spat on while walking: "I live in San Francisco and I never feel fully safe"
· Aug 8, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Behold what decades of leftism hath wrought:

[Warning: Language]

I'm literally shaking right now. I was just getting groceries and I live in San Francisco and I never feel fully safe. If you live in San Francisco I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

I just got groceries and I'm walking out of the store and this guy is walking past me and he says "move, you stupid b****!" and he spits in my face. Spits all my over my face. And I say, "Excuse me, did you just spit in my face?" and he says "Move or I'll rape you!"

And there's also people everywhere and there's people just walking by cause they're, like, I can't handle something else in San Francisco, it's always something else...

I don't feel safe, ever. I literally never feel safe. It's better when it's daylight, but nighttime, no. Not leaving my house.

Benny's caption is harsh. But I get his lack of sympathy. She almost certainly voted for this and these are the consequences.

Mike Cernovich puts it in even starker terms:

Do y'all think this is too harsh?

If you go to this woman's TikTok, you can see she's a leftist who supports things like BLM.

She has a few followup videos to the above where she is angry that it went viral and calls out racist/antisemitic comments without actually addressing the issue at hand.

She says she doesn't blame the people of states like Texas when there's a shooting where open-carry is legal, which is a weird comparison considering California's crime/shooting rates are much higher and it's barely legal to own a gun there.

But here's my question: Governing by empathy produces awful results, as this woman has experienced. But I can't disregard my Christian virtue and the desire to protect women from experiencing horrible situations like this.

She almost certainly voted for it, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to help and protect her anyway.

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