Watching Rand Paul eviscerate Dr. Fauci on national TV is the most satisfying thing ever
· · Mar 19, 2021 ·

This was a total beatdown. It's nearly 6 minutes, but if you want to watch COVID-darling Anthony Fauci squirm a bit after the princely treatment he gets from the press, it's oh so worth it:

Fauci tried to squirm out of Senator (and medical doctor) Rand Paul's question of why people have to wear a mask after being vaccinated – something many scientists have pointed out (just not the leftist-approved kind).

Fauci is a smart guy and was able to pop off a few talking points about COVID variants, but Rand Paul is just as smart and has the tenacity of a bloodhound:

"There is NO evidence that there are significant reinfections after a vaccine. In fact, I don't think we have a hospitalization in the United States after the two week period after the second vaccination."

Fauci goes on to talk about "wild-types" of COVID cited by a single study, which you can expect to hear more of since the Left can't use variants anymore as an excuse to keep killing liberty.

Oh, a single Johnson & Johnson study showed that there's a new "wild type" Rona strain that might emerge and kill us all just as we're reaching herd immunity?

Wow, what a coinkidink!

Rand Paul points out that the body of studies and real world data is very much against Fauci. Since I assume you're an intelligent individual, go look at the research yourself. Are there mass numbers of people getting reinfected without the vaccine? How about with the vaccine. The answer is no. For the limited number of reinfections happening, are they enough to justify societal shutdown, the tanking of the economy, and the obliteration of our health and happiness?

And so Rand Paul dropped the cold hard truth on Fauci:

"You are making policy based on conjecture!"

He continued:

"You've been vaccinated, and you parade around in two masks for show! You can't get it again. There's almost – there's virtually zero percent chance you're gonna get it and yet you're telling people that have had the vaccine, that have immunity – you're defying everything we know about immunity by telling people to wear a mask who have been vaccinated. Instead you should be saying 'There is no science to say we're going to have a problem from the large number of people who are going to be vaccinated.'

You want to get rid of vaccinate hesitancy? Quit telling them to wear their mask after they get the vaccine! You want people to get the vaccine? Tell them they're going to get a reward instead of, 'The nanny state is going to be there for three more years and you gotta wear a mask forever.'

People don't want to hear it. There's no science behind it."

Fauci finished by giving a weaksauce answer that "masks are protective" and fear-mongering about new wild types... without addressing the very scientific facts of immunity that Sen. Paul mentioned.

The sum of his rebuttal was "I totally disagree with you."

On that premise, America is being told to stay locked down and obey.

If you don't, a new version of a vastly survivable virus that we know a lot about might come along and potentially infect you.

In other news, 100% of people reading this will die at some point.

If you feel bad for Fauci, don't. This is a man who was unknown for most of his career, but has now been given the powers of a god, is the highest-paid federal employee, and has been the darling boy of the media.

And until recently, no one with authority has had the stones to stand up to him.

God bless Rand Paul.


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