We need to talk about Tony Bobulinski's insane new interview with Tucker Carlson, because it may be the most important exposé on government corruption in our lifetimes
· Oct 5, 2022 · NottheBee.com

"The fact pattern is the FBI alone altered history in that election."

Tony Bobulinski is a financial advisor who came forward in October 2020 to authenticate the content found in Hunter Biden's laptop, saying that he was in business with the Bidens to set up financial ventures in other nations until he began suspecting they were engaging in many illegal activities [read: a LOT of illegal activities] and cut ties with them immediately.

If you remember, Bobulinski held a press conference and invited the FBI to interview him and review the evidence that he had on the Biden family's corruption.

Then, for TWO YEARS, nothing happened.

Since then, we've seen how the FBI has become corrupted and is targeting regular Americans for the crime of being conservative.

We've seen how FBI Timothy Thibault purposely refused to investigate claims against the Biden family because he wanted to oust Trump from office (Thibault just resigned from the agency).

Bobulinski was concerned when he realized that Timothy Thibault was also in charge of the evidence he had presented to the FBI. No charges or arrests have been made. Hunter Biden, despite filming himself in numerous detestable illegal acts, is still jetsetting around to family vacations on Air Force One.

Bobulinski says he is worried that the DOJ and FBI is purposely waiting until after the midterm elections to bring forward any charges because they don't want to hurt the Democrats' chances of winning (the same excuse they used in the 2020 elections).

Tucker Carlson agreed to interview Bobulinski again after doing a thorough vetting of his character and claims. It aired last night, and it was the final nail in the coffin to convince me that the FBI is an enemy of We The People and exists now as the de-facto KGB for egotistical Swamp creatures who desire power above all else.

I'm going to share the full interview for those of you who have time to watch, followed by a few powerful clips that absolutely blow the mind.

Here's the interview in two parts:

Here are a few specific clips worth noting:

Ladies and gentlemen, a rational person might conclude, when taking all the evidence of the last two years together, that this surpasses Watergate by numerous lightyears beyond comprehension.

I would love to be proven wrong. For all the people foaming at the mouth about conservative conspiracy theories, please, show me the evidence. Wisdom is proved right by her children.

Here is where we stand:

If the justice arm of the federal government, which is specifically tasked with holding politicians and powerful public figures accountable under the law, is so insanely corrupt that it staged a coup on a sitting president in favor of an old, senile insider whose family corruption knows no bounds, then there is no hope for a United States of America. We cannot be a united nation with shared interests, culture, hopes, and dreams if we live under the jackboot of an oppressive regime propped up by thugs and propagandistic lies. In that case, America is dead and the war for whatever comes next has already begun.

God help us.

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