A cane found in some archives just revealed what Jack the Ripper looked like according to the police officer who spent years trying to nab him
· Dec 29, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Jack the Ripper is among the most notorious serial killers in human history. His reign of terror in late-19th century Whitechapel continues to haunt imaginations nearly a century and a half later.

He also apparently looked like one of those wooden Indians you still sometimes see in tobacco shops?

The suspected face of notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper has finally been revealed after police made a chilling discovery while trawling through old archives.

While the true identity of the infamous murderer has never been discovered, the only known facial composite of the killer has now been shared.

Among dozens of artifacts, the face was found etched into the handle of a wooden walking stick, which was owned by the police officer who spent years attempting to catch him.

Here's what the cop thought Jack the Ripper looked like:

The finding of the carving was a bit of historical serendipity:

For years, the wooden cane artifact had been stored at the Police College in Bramshill, Hampshire, UK and was feared lost when the institution was shut down in 2015.

Thankfully, it was rediscovered by staff searching through memorabilia at the College of Policing's headquarters in Ryton, West Midlands. ...

A College of Policing spokesperson said two staff unearthed it when trawling through artifacts placed into storage following Bramshill's closure.

"Finding this cane was an exciting moment for us," the college's content creator Antony Cash said.

Wikipedia lists at least 31 suspects from contemporary and subsequent sources, but the killer remains unknown.

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