What is it about fame and fortune that makes people so weird? 😬
· Sep 14, 2021 · NottheBee.com

If you don't pay attention to celebrities (and good on you) you may not have even known the Met Gala just happened in New York City and like always– when you throw rich and famous people together– things got weird.

Maybe when you're that rich and famous you get bored? The more out there you are the more attention you get, I guess!

The theme was "American fashion" so, you can just imagine how many lefties were ticked right off.

Check out some of these odd fashion choices...

The "I will haunt your dreams" look:

The "I move props around the stage for the Blue Man group" look:

The "Ball pit meets mixed nuts turned into a comforter" look:

The "I love America, but I will slash your face" look:

The "I'm a horse for some reason" look:

And lots and lots of "Virtue signalling" looks:

A bunch of poor little rich girls. At least they made their stance at the Met Gala to really stick it to the man...

And my personal favorite, the "I'm fully vaccinated and still wearing a mask" look 🤢:

Well, there you have it, folks! It's called FASHION, baby.

I hope you enjoyed this train wreck! Now let's resume back to our daily lives and forget this ever happened.

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