WHAT? Jen Psaki says you should be banned from all social media if you get booted off one site for "misinformation"
· Jul 16, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Remember how that guy with the mean tweets was a threat to democracy?

How about the White House press secretary openly calling for people to be banned from the internet if you get booted off one social site??

The response came as part of a press conference on Friday where Press Secretary Jen Psaki talked about the White House's relationship with Big Tech surrounding COVID-19 information on their sites. You can watch the full exchange where Psaki details how the government is building a totally altruistic relationship with Big Tech here.

The conversation was sparked by Psaki's comments on Thursday when she said that the Biden administration is working with Facebook to flag "problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation," which sounds a LOT like government-led censorship.

These terms "disinformation" and "misinformation" are getting thrown around super casually these days.

At another point, Psaki got angry at Fox's Peter Doocy, saying worries about Big Brother are not NEARLY as important as all the people "dying" from "misinformation."

If you stop to think for two seconds of your short life, you'll realize that the people in power are the ones calling for everyone else to be silenced based on what they deem to be untrue. They then use "public health" as justification for the death of liberty and their grab for power.

None of Orange Man Bad's late-night Twitter rants even came within a billion miles of the danger posed by Psaki's rhetoric.

On the plus side, Psaki has more to look forward to than throwing out the first pitch at the upcoming Nationals game. She'll finally be able to break out her favorite communist hammer and sickle hat when thoughtcrime is officially banned!


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