Did McCarthy just shove one of his Republican opponents in the halls of the Capitol??
ยท Nov 14, 2023 ยท NottheBee.com

You know, if dueling was still a thing this type of nonsense would never happen.

Apparently, Kevin McCarthy is still bitter about being ousted from his job as House Speaker and decided to try and bully one of his conservative opponents.

Before we go further into this story, I have to let you know that the witness describing these events is an NPR reporter. Not some far-right anti-McCarthy gal. This lady is as swampy as they come, and even she recognizes McCarthy's pettiness.

Again, if we had dueling in Congress like the good old Andrew Jackson days this sort of childish bullying behavior would NEVER happen.

Middle school drama in the halls of Congress.

If this report is accurate, (and given the source, why wouldn't it be?) then McCarthy is really showing himself to be childish and petty.

This was the first interaction that McCarthy has had with Burchett since he teamed with Matt Gaetz to remove the former Speaker of the House.

And THIS is how McCarthy handles the disagreement?

Grow up!

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