What The Heck?? Newly Leaked Government Photo Taken By Fighter Jet Pilot Shows UFO Hovering "Completely Motionlessly" Over The Ocean
· Dec 9, 2020 · NottheBee.com

Holy hovering aliens, Batman!

An image that was snapped on the personal cellphone of the backseat weapons systems operator of what appears to be an F/A-18 fighter jet has leaked and it shows a straight up UFO hovering motionlessly over the ocean.

The image has apparently been circulating among the intelligence community since it was taken in 2018 and nobody knows what the heck this thing is.

The Debrief came through with the scoop:

While details are difficult to make out, the image appears to depict an inverted bell-shaped object, which is not readily identifiable given the photo's context. The object appears to possess ridges or other protrusions along its lateral edges, extending toward its base.

Research balloon? Nope.

Two defense officials we spoke with said pilots who encountered the object described that, unlike a balloon under similar conditions, the object was completely motionless and seemingly unaffected by ambient air currents.

When the weapons operator of an F/A-18 is going "holy crap, what the heck is that?" and pulling out his cell phone to snap a pic, you know something weird is going on.

Seriously, what the heck IS that thing?

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