“What’s your theological stance that would get you in this position?“
· Mar 21, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Put on that helmet and body armor, fellow theobro. Here there be dragons!



I really hope you put that armor on…

You were warned!

I told you this would be crazy!

Here are a bunch more. Some of them are worth an energetic theological discussion over a beer (or a glass of the finest-aged grape juice); others are absolutely off-the-wall heretic seven ways from Sunday.

Case in point:


I'm not endorsing all these statements. I'm not even going to tell you which ones are the obviously correct positions (if you want to know where I stand, go Google "John Knox").

With that said, away we go! What theological position would get you in hot water these days?

Okay, I know I said I wouldn't interject with my thoughts, but here's one based stormtrooper who just doesn't miss:

Now that TK-421 has availed you of the "boyfriend-Jesus" notion that Christ is tolerant and kind when it comes to evil, let's continue with the replies lest our King returns with a sword coming out of His mouth and His robe dipped in blood before we get to the end of this article.

Here's another one that you millennials need to be prepared for (get out that shield):

(This person is obviously a liar and a reprobate. Repent!)

Moving on:

Oy vey!

Finally, we come to the ultimate position that could get you burned at the stake and your ashes scattered to the winds:


I don't want you to have to witness what's about to happen to that person, so go ahead and post your favorite controversial position in the comments so we can keep the holy hand grenade battle going.

Unless you're like this guy! 👇

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