Why is Biden's hand moving through these microphones like a ghost? Are lefties manipulating media again? You decide. πŸ‘€
Β· Mar 18, 2021 Β· NottheBee.com

Watch the first 20 seconds of this interview with Joe Biden and pay careful attention to his hands:

If you missed it, here are a few photos of what happened:

And that's not the only camera angle where this happened. The first video is from The Hill. This second is from WaPo:

Here is a still from this angle:

What the actual heck is happening here?

One thing's for sure: Biden is the most transparent president in history. SO transparent that he can move through physical objects!

Some people claimed it was just an issue with the long booms on the mics, and offered other shots as evidence that the microphones were indeed real:

In the above photo, you can clearly see he's behind the microphones. Yet in the two videos above, his hand goes OVER the mics in the same way my hands used to accidentally go in front of objects when I was toying around with green-screen filming for the first time.

If it were just the first video, shot from a lower angle, it might make sense. Take a look at this photo to show how a lower angle plays with depth perception:

But if his hand were moving toward the camera, it would be getting bigger. Instead, it moves in front of the mic while both his hands and mic remain the same size. In the second angle, the mic appears to be both behind and in front of him within the span of a second. The shadows and focus are also wonky.

If you just want to accept that war is peace and be done with it, the fAcT-cHecKeRs have told us this is a QAnon conspiracy and that we need to move along... without offering ANY explanation to what's going on here:

Until this video gets analyzed by some more, we'll have to play fast and loose with our judgements.

Edit: For anyone interested in a great analysis by one of our awesome subscribers, check out this video:

What do you think of this oddity?

That being said, is it really hard to believe that Joe Biden and the Left would be starting to emulate their favorite commie dictators by manipulating media?

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