Why did these hockey fans give a standing ovation to Matt Petgrave, the player who killed another player with his skate and is now facing manslaughter charges?
ยท Nov 14, 2023 ยท NottheBee.com

A few weeks back we brought you this horrifying story:

Watch the video if you want, but it's pretty nasty.

The internet went nuts when this video went viral, some blaming Matt Petgrave and saying this was done on purpose, and some saying it was a freak accident the way Adam Johnson lost his life.

As of this week, Petgrave has apparently been arrested in connection to the death, which, I mean, is kind of warranted since he raised his foot so incredibly high during the play that ended Johson's life.

But what really bothers me is this: Sheffield Steelers fans in the UK, in the 22nd minute of Sunday's home game, gave a standing ovation when Petgrave's photo was shown on the jumbotron.


I'm sorry, but how have we reached the point where someone who killed another person, even by accident, receives a standing ovation?

It's just sort of confusing. Like, he killed a dude.

Who knows if he'll be convicted of manslaughter, but I do think every single fan who stood up during this ovation should be ashamed of themselves. You don't stand up and cheer for someone who killed an innocent man. You just don't.

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