Why is the Air Force sharing images of soldiers saluting the pride flag?
· Jun 8, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Sometimes you see things come from the government and the military and you wonder just where their allegiances lie.

This is one such case:

Why is the Air Force promoting an image of a soldier saluting a flag that is NOT the American flag but instead a flag symbolizing pride in one's sexuality?

It's almost as if this is the regime that America is fighting for.

Doubling down on the symbolism, the Global Strike Command responded this way to the image:

Yes, the country is now so much safer now that we have transgender people of color piloting our drones. That'll make a huge difference.

The reason, of course, is that this is now the flag of the empire. There's a reason we fly it at our embassies abroad. This is the flag of the new American empire.

The Air Force also recently made this ridiculous claim:

Yes, because some states are "mean" to LGBTQ people (and, be honest, they mean Florida and other Republican states) the Air Force is relocating service members.

Speaking at the Center for a New American Security's annual National Security Conference, Assistant Air Force Secretary for Manpower and Reserve Affairs Alex Wagner said he's worried about being forced to move families from bases due to their LGBTQ children experiencing bullying and harassment in schools.

Translation: Some states have banned grooming of young kids in elementary schools and that's being called "bullying" so the Air Force is using your tax dollars to move these big lib Air Force members to different bases.

Wagner also said diversity and inclusion are "core" to U.S. national security, noting that diverse groups always outperform "carefully selected teams of homogenous individuals."

Yeah, I'm gonna need some evidence and definitions on that, thanks.

It just goes against absolutely everything that military history has told us for all of recorded human history.

But it's a catchy slogan.

Our military leaders have all completely caved to wokeness, and they're taking our country down with them.

Get ready to lose a major war.

But at least it will be the most diverse and equitable fighting force of all time.

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