Winning: Popular radio host quits live after being told he needs to stop joking about Demi Lovato's pronouns. His desperate boss reached out to offer him his job back.
· May 21, 2021 ·

This story is gorgeous, but since the story is written by woke CBS, it fails to explain the entire narrative:

A better opening paragraph would be: "Matt Siegel, longtime host of the widely popular ‘Matty In The Morning' show in Boston, was silenced by his boss after making comments about Demi Lovato's stupid pronouns on Wednesday, so he quit his show right there on the air. He returned the next day, however, after his desperate boss reached out to him and told him he could say pretty much whatever he wants on the air."

Here's the video if you don't feel like reading:

Naturally, I'm very excited to see such a fine bit of a story floating around on the internet. Let's sum this up real quick:

  • Wednesday morning, Demi Lovato did that thing people talked about for like 12 hours where she changed her pronouns or something like that.
  • This "news" hit while "Matty In The Morning" was on air, and Matt Seigel, a legend even before this little incident, started joking about it – because it's dumb, and it deserves to be joked about.
  • His boss chimed in at a certain point and told him not to joke like that because he might offend people.
  • Matty didn't like that too much, so he started talking about his boss' lecture on the air... and then he got up and left.

Here's the best clip the internet has to offer at this point (feel free to skip to 58 seconds):



And wow, that was extremely respectful, too!

Like, "Hey, I love you guys. You guys are great. But, I'm sorry, I gotta go."

Much respect for this, Matty!

But, oh... what's this?

Boss man comes a'callin later that night...

I can imagine the conversation:

"Hey bud, sorry about that whole censorship thing. I was being overly dramatic. Kinda like the snowflake pronoun people. Sorry bud. Yeah, go ahead and talk about whatever you want on air, we really want you back. Keep it radio appropriate, but you know, say what you want. Again, sorry for being a little snowflake earlier."


Ladies and gentlemen, this is a culture war W for sane people!!


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