Women (sorry, people who bleed) are starting to sterilize themselves over the pending Roe decision

May 6th

Taking away your ability to reproduce to own the cons!

That'll show them!

But it wasn't until earlier this week, when a leaked draft revealed that the Supreme Court had voted to overturn Roe v. Wade — the landmark 1973 ruling that made safe, legal abortion a constitutional right — that Eleanor finally decided to try and book an appointment with a gynecologist.

"I'm terrified of having to go through pregnancy," she explains. "If women aren't already sterile or don't get sterilized as soon as possible, lives are going to be lost."

I just cannot get over how self-unaware these people are.

"Lives are going to be lost"???

It reads just like this super unaware NBC/PBS reporter's tweet:

Eleanor is one of many women ramping up their efforts to get sterilized, or even newly considering the procedure in light of the possible countrywide rollback of America's abortion rights. After the Supreme Court draft was shared by Politico on May 2nd, scores of women took to social media to express newfound interest in sterilization, lament misogynistic doctors who refuse the procedure to women — "because you could change your mind and sue," read one tweet — and share resources about providers. Over on Reddit's r/childfree subreddit, a trending post about sterilization information got nearly 1,000 upvotes and over 100 comments.

I have to say, I would 1,000% prefer that these women remove their ability to create human life than to see more children being killed, but my goodness what a dark worldview.

Regardless of what you believe, your time on earth is finite. Like, ridiculously finite.

You and I will die just like the billions who came before us.

But the only reason I exist to type this and you exist to read it is because ordinary people raised children across time and space, slugging through suffering that you and I will never know from our air-conditioned 21st century homes.

If you believe the world is a random thing without a Creator, then your only lasting legacy – far beyond whatever people remember about your achievements or opinions – are the generations of children that will propagate the survival of your genes. Heck, we write a thousand nature documentaries about this stuff every year.

And if you believe in God – especially the Christian God who knows every hair on our heads and identifies Himself intimately as "Father" – then my goodness are there beautiful, eternal rewards for bringing souls into this world that will fill every corner of the globe with laughter, creativity, and the very image of God!

But these women are going to throw it all away...

For what?

  • For the ability to have as much sex with random people as they want?
  • To "empower" themselves by never having a family, so that they end up alone and miserable in the end?
  • To have a career in one of a thousand ruthless industries, where one day they'll be that old crone who always works Christmas Eve in the Hallmark movies?

30-year-old project manager Jessica (again, not her real name), who — despite living in Colorado, where the right to an abortion is encoded in state law — decided to undergo a sterilization procedure in February. She had a hysteroscopic endometrial ablation, in which the lining of her uterus was removed; the minimally invasive operation was performed by a doctor that she found in r/childfree.

"I'd been thinking about getting sterilized for several years prior to getting the procedure, but late last year, when we all found out that Roe was in danger of being overturned, my first thought was that I better do it before it's illegal," she says. As she used a specifically recommended doctor, Jessica says she was approved for the procedure immediately. "I thought I'd get some pushback, being only 30-years-old and unmarried with no kids, but the doctor didn't question me at all," she explains. "The procedure was completed three weeks later."

Jessica, who's single and "uninterested in marriage," has never told her family about the procedure and doesn't have any plans to (she says her mom would be "devastated"), but she has told some friends, who she says were "100 percent supportive." Still, she adds, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. "I have no desire to be a parent," she tells me.

She has such faith, such assurance that this is what she wants.

But she's only 30, and she has a lot of time left for doubt to creep in. To have the normal human ache for family and belonging. To wish she could hold her child in her arms.

It's a lot of years of lonely vacations on the beach to think about the future and what might have been.

And yet women trumpet the destruction of their maternity – like flowers that are excited that they've been cut off from the roots and placed in a jar to be seen for a brief moment, then withered and gone forever.

What a selfish, stomach-churning tragedy.

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