Wow: Even “Good Morning America” is starting to get skeptical of the seemingly never-ending series of COVID vaccine "boosters"
· May 12, 2022 ·

This is... well, it's more than a little bit surprising:

The truly unprecedented nature of Dr. Ashton's remarks cannot be overstated. Here they are transcribed:

There's a new published study out in the Lancet … about the fourth dose and what happens to our antibody levels. It is not a surprise … that after the fourth dose, antibody levels rise significantly. They ‘surge' in the several weeks after that dose. We've known that for a while. But here are the caveats: we don't know how long that lasts, number one, and our immune response, remember, is not just about antibodies. It's about that T-cell response also, which you can't measure as well as just a pure antibody level. And it's about whether [boosters are] blocking or neutralizing antibodies to the variants that we're seeing.

Yeah WOW. The chief medical correspondent for a major news network is openly promoting skepticism of the boosters on the major news network. That's nuts.

I mean, sure, it IS just Good Morning America 3. That's kind of low on the totem pole of network shows. Still...

Ashton continues:

Of course you're going to get a surge in your antibody levels. But how long that lasts is the issue. And it's certainly not just about more boosting for everyone. People who have high antibody levels, there's the potential — I want to underscore the potential, we haven't seen any evidence of this — um, of this immune phenomenon known as tolerance, where if you already have high antibody levels and you get another booster, that your immune system can start to say, well, what do I need it for, and can kind of start to shut down.

That's, uh, highly frightening.

Here's the slam dunk:

If you're in that category of people that who CDC and FDA is recommending to get a booster, 50 and over, 65 and over, with a chronic medical condition, yes, by all means, but everybody else: don't think that more boosting is the answer. We don't know that that's the case yet.

We sure don't. Thank goodness it's apparently finally okay to talk about it!

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