The White House presser with Dr. Science™ just turned into a freakin' yelling match as the press secretary shut down a question about "the origin of Covid"
· Nov 22, 2022 ·


Daily Caller White House correspondent Diana Glebova tried to ask Fauci about the origins of Covid. Today Africa News reporter Simon Ateba was the one who was defending her question.

Considering that Fauci oversaw the use of taxpayer money to make bat viruses lethal to humans in Wuhan, China – where said bat-coronavirus leaked and began spreading around the world – it's an EXTREMELY relevant question.

There's also the fact that the man who oversaw said gain-of-function funding was also in charge of the nation's response to said virus leak.

Oh, and his emails show he LIED to the American people about the proper response to the virus, such as the use of masks.

And STILL, two years later, he has access to the halls of power inside the White House briefing room.

That's is a Tom-Clancy-worthy story that past generations of journalists would have killed to have.

But this presser wasn't about truth. It was about narrative, and Jean-Pierre wasn't going to deviate from the Ministry of Truth's agenda.

Here's what Fauci did with the microphone Jean-Pierre gave him:

Ah, yes. Despite the fact that nearly 100% of Americans have immunity to the virus now (and the virus is literally as severe as a common cold now), you should continue to unfriend those who didn't get the experimental jab and only have the far-superior natural immunity. THEY are the problem. 😑

  • Stay masked.
  • Stay divided.
  • Stay afraid.

Dr. Science™ is all about that rancor and hate!

We can't let little reporters stop that train, can we? Otherwise, the peasants might not listen to the propaganda anymore!!

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