You can now order your very own Trump Buddha statue. Admit it, you kinda want one.

Mar 12th

Have you ever wanted to have a little more Trump and a little more idolatry in your life?

Well move over, golden Trump statue, because this MAGAnimous Trump Buddha just rolled into town!

Yes, this is a real thing you can purchase online if you're looking to make your home and garden great again.

The $150 version of the statue is about 6 inches tall, and the $610 version is 18 inches tall. Yes, my friends, for just over six hundred bucks, you could have a foot-and-a-half Trump Buddha sitting on your dining room table.

Here's a picture of the larger statue next to the creator, sculptor Hong Jinshi.

Credit: Xiaoya

Why would someone make a statue comparing Trump to Buddha, you ask? Isn't Trump pretty much the exact opposite of what comes to mind when you think of Eastern meditation and zen?

According to Hong, that was kinda the point:

"It may have something to do with my personality," said Hong. "I love teasing people and making jokes. [Trump] is still having fights with all kinds of this and that every day. So I think this image is exactly the opposite extreme of him and his personality."

Basically, it's a troll, but a pretty dang creative one at that. Hong says he hopes to give one of his statues to Trump, and since the former president is the troll lord supreme, I wouldn't be surprised if he took a smiling picture next to one. Trump loves himself some Trump!

Hong says he made about 100 of the statues and listed them on the e-commerce site Taobao, where they quickly went viral and sold out. Knockoffs are reportedly being sold all over the place now – you know, because China.

The target audience here is also widespread. Some are buying it because they love the Donald. Others are buying it as a joke. A few are buying it to remind themselves to not be like Trump. That right there is the beauty of the market, folks!

While a Trump Buddha does seem a bit oxymoronic, you could argue that the one affectionately known as Orange Man Bad bears some resemblance to the mythological figure. The core ideology behind Buddhism is a way to make sense of suffering in the world, and to escape that suffering through enlightenment.

Things like providing cheap energy, secure borders, tax breaks, and opportunities for meaningful work certainly seem to reduce temporal suffering.

Promoting the accurate teaching of history and sound economic principles – instead of telling people that truth is subjective and to put feelings over facts – also seems a bit more on the "path to enlightenment."

The same is true for children being saved from abortion, kids not being indoctrinated by racist Wokism in schools, and preserving God-given rights above Marxist groupthink.

To those ends, you can't argue that even a cage-fighter like Trump might resemble "the enlightened one" just a little more than our new doddering commie-in-chief!


Thanks to subscriber Israel for this find!


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