Woke media outlet tries to make a funny video about white stereotypes and it's the most racist thing you'll watch today
· Nov 24, 2020 · NottheBee.com

Remember waaaay back, like 10 years ago, when racism meant being prejudiced against someone on the basis of their skin color? How ignorant we were! Now, of course, racism is much more complicated.

For today's New Racism™ (Now with 15% more racism per bottle!) you have to have an "oppressor" and "oppressed" class. It's all very complex. But the long and short of it is that it's now physically impossible to be racist against white people.

Want to call all white people smelly? Go for it!

Want to say that all white people are violent oppressors? Do tell!

Want to say that every-single-white-person-that-doesn't-support-your-Marxist-redefinition-of-history-is-literally-equal-to-a-murderer? Let's make a fun video!

And that's exactly what the media outlet Cut did when they asked 100 black "folx" the question, "What exactly are white people superior at?" (language warning).

I can't embed the video because it's age-restricted, but you can watch it here. Please do. It'll blow your dang mind.

The question seems to be a tongue-in-cheek take on the concept of white supremacy. And listen, I'm all for mocking white supremacists. Those moronic bigots killed my ancestors. But this video quickly devolves into a racist hate-fest demonizing all white people.

The first few answers to the question are fairly benign: White people are superior at talking about their pets too much, making bland food, extreme sports, corn mazes and liking mayonnaise. That's all pretty funny, I suppose. I get it, humor sometimes pushes boundaries and we can laugh at our cultural idiosyncrasies.

But obviously, people would rightfully lose their ever-loving minds if a bunch of white people made a video just listing racial stereotypes about black people.

Because that's, you know, racist. But that's neither here nor there. And I wouldn't have written this if all this video did was poke fun at white people stuff.

You can tell by the cheeky music and the answers at the beginning that they were going for a sort of light-hearted comedic take. But the video takes a dark turn fairly quickly.

One young lady wearing a T-Shirt that depicts a police officer in a KKK hood firing a shotgun (yeah.), without a hint of mirth simply says white people are superior at "smelling funky."

Yeah, that's a cop in a KKK hoody on her shirt.

Right after her, a man in a fashionable face mask says "white people are great at having fun," explaining why he adds,

That's a function of white supremacy because they just don't have as many stresses as we do.

I had no idea that when I was enjoying doing my extreme corn-mazing while eating mayo out of the jar that the reason I was having so much fun was because of white supremacy. Live and learn, I guess.

Then it just turns cruel.

What are white people superior at?

  • "Fear."
  • "Insecurity."
  • "Pretending."
  • "Self-delusion."
  • "Being ignorant."
  • "Blame."
  • "Oppression."
  • "Playing the victim."
  • And many other insults that aren't fit to print.

If you haven't already noticed, latent in many of these answers are the same ideologies behind BLM, the 1619 Project, and movements to defund the police. These are devotees of the religion of Wokeism. True believers.

Now, this is probably just my white fragility talking, but I KIND OF FEEL LIKE THIS is not okay???:

If history has shown us anything, it's shown that when you label a whole group of people as awful, terrible, causers-of-all-society's-ills, you can justify doing just about anything to them.

And I don't want to do a bunch of what-aboutisming here, but can you freeeaaaaaking imagine if the shoe were on the other foot?

How quickly do you think a video made by white folkxs slandering a whole race of people would be taken down from YouTube? Every single person who participated would be summarily canceled. AND RIGHTLY SO! This is awful, hateful, racist garbage!

Also just think about how sad this is, man. The people in this video have absorbed a worldview of victimhood, bitterness, and hatred. They really believe this stuff is true. They eye every white person with disdain and suspicion, looking for the next piece of evidence to justify the conclusions they've already drawn: White people are evil.

The one-piece of solace I draw from watching this video is the knowledge that this racist screed has been ratioed into oblivion on YouTube:

Racism is wrong, no matter who it's targeting!

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