You need to watch this video of Donald Trump from 35 years ago. It's as relevant as ever.
· Oct 18, 2022 ·

Well, here's you a good reminder that, no matter what you think of Donald Trump's past, he has ALWAYS been an America first kind of guy.

Here he is on Larry King's show in 1987, 35 years ago, and he's spittin' the same truth then as he's saying now.

If you look at the payments we're making to NATO, they're totally disproportionate with everybody else's and it's ridiculous.

As far as other causes that are near and dear, this is the cause, because if we can solve this then we're able to take care of something that I consider to be ultimately of ultimate importance. And that is the homeless situation, that is the farmers, that is the sick. We don't have any money.

This country is busted. And it's busted because we're doing things that we shouldn't be doing. If we had business ability in this country we'd be making lots of profit, so-called surplus, profit. And that profit that money could be going to defend, and I mean literally defend our homeless, our poor, our sick, and our farmers That's where we ought to be spending the money, not giving it to countries that don't give a d*** for us to start off with.

Man, I miss mean tweets and America first in the White House.

Trump's first term was far from perfect, but he put America first.

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