Apparently you can't blow up a Lambo with fireworks shot out of a chopper
· Jun 10, 2024 ·

We've covered Alex Choi's (aka Suk Min Choi) stunts here before.

Like the time he made a Tesla fly.

However, one of his stunts took things just a bit too far.

He hired two models, sent them up in his helicopter, and had them shoot fireworks at his Lamborghini, which you'll have to admit makes for some incredible footage.

However, taking explosives aboard any aircraft if you're not in law enforcement or the military is apparently against federal law.

Just taking them on board is a misdemeanor.

Intending to detonate is a felony.

Actually detonating the explosives in one of the coolest aviation displays I've ever seen while destroying a car that costs more than my house?

Choi's facing up to 10 years in prison for that one.

(The same amount of time you can get for leaving scooter tire marks on a Pride crosswalk.)

There's no word on whether anyone else would be charged, but the Federal Aviation Administration has revoked the helicopter pilot's license.

Needless to say, the internet at large is not happy with the Feds' choice to prosecute here:

Choi isn't the only one to have done this.

There are tons of these videos out there.

And what about drones?

You have to get a pilot's license to pilot a drone at night and above people too, since they are considered aircraft.

So, can you strap fireworks to a drone and shoot at someone in a golf cart?

Or is that illegal in America too?

Where does it end, Justice Department?

Where does it end?

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