Zelensky thanks Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, and JP Morgan, says that sending weapons to Ukraine is a big business opportunity
· Jan 24, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Well, if you had any questions about who is in control of US policy, this helps answer them.

Here's Vlodomyr Zelensky addressing a large Chamber of Commerce group with some of the most powerful corporations on earth, thanking them for all their work in supporting Ukraine.

It is obvious that American business can become the locomotive that can once again push forward global economic growth. We have already managed to attract attention and have cooperation with such giants of the international financial and investment world as BlackRock, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs such American brands as StarLink or Westinghouse have already become part of our Ukrainian way.

Zelensky is buttering up these major corporations so that they will make investments in Ukraine while his nation is at war with Russia.


Ukraine is getting big money from major corporations AND the US Congress. Zelensky has no incentive to make any kind of deal to end this war as long as the money keeps pouring in.

And in the video above, he is encouraging these mega-corporations to invest in heavy arms in Ukraine.

Everyone can become a big business by working with Ukraine! In all sectors, from weapons and defense, to construction, to communications to agriculture, from transport, to IT, from banks to medicine.

And I believe that freedom must always win.

It was nice of him to throw in that little bit of red meat about "freedom" at the end.

After all, if you don't support a war far away from the US with no end in sight that only serves to drain money from our own country, then you hate freedom!

Anyways, at least Goldman Sachs can make more money if we prolong this war!

That's what it's really all about now.

We've always been at war with Eastasia.

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