Are our elites intentionally stoking a race war?

I understand that there is money to be made. I understand that we are a godless society and whenever belief in a cosmic, transcendent moral authority disappears from a civilization, anything goes. When people are faithless, there is great grift to be found in pseudo religion.

Beyond just that, I understand the allure of neo-Marxist power dynamics. Philosophical approaches that leverage perpetual victimhood, coupled with political strategies like community "organizing" (read, "agitating") are ripe for delivering on mankind's twin pursuits of power and prosperity.

Ask Barack Obama. At the cost of his own country's once-healthy and steadily improving race relations, Obama used all of the above to his advantage, securing the presidency of the United States.

Ask Ibram X. Kendi. At the cost of real scholarship and ethnic studies, Kendi has exploited differences and distinctions to enrich himself and become a sought-after, if clueless, speaker and lecturer on race.

Ask Nikole Hannah-Jones. At the cost of journalistic integrity, Jones has plagiarized and bastardized history to catapult herself onto the pages of the New York Times.

Like hungry sharks, the red meat offered up by America's imperfect past, has provided the necessary ingredients for these charlatans to cook up a noxious stew of cultural discontent and social discord.

But it's all become so backwards, so bereft of anything resembling logical consistency, that a motley mob of activists, militants, and cons descend regularly upon our airwaves to peddle degeneracy and conflict for profit.

For instance, just listen to this short clip from MSNBC's Morning Joe and explain how any one of us should tolerate the vile racism on display here.

The fact that no one bats an eye at MSNBC, or clinches their faces tightly in the production room, when two guests start talking like this is remarkable. The entire premise of this book is pure racism. It is categorizing, cataloguing, and classifying people purely on the basis of people's race and location.

By comparison, imagine two guys authoring a book that describes all the negative characteristics and qualities of urban blacks. Or imagine two guys peddling a book that rips into the horrible merits and backward virtues of West Coast Asians. Or imagine them writing one on the disasters brought about by East Coast Jews. Or better yet, if they wrote about how Mexican immigrants are a threat.

And perhaps those two guys exist and have written such books. But imagine a major network supporting it all and promoting it.

I know I'm not the only one that thinks that way:

But even as reassuring as it is that there are average Joes who get it, who see the vile, divisive racism that these two bigoted men are spouting with impunity, it is extraordinarily discouraging that our elites and rulers do not.

The normalization of racism is a modern creation of progressivism that may seem like a good idea to those who profit from it. But it is unleashing a torrent of ill will, rancor, and acrimony that will eventually reach a boiling point.

It's becoming harder and harder to believe that isn't the outcome our elites desire.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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