Here's why you should pay attention to these deranged "Trump = Hitler" posts

Look, I get it. X is amazing for keeping your finger on the pulse of news, politics and culture, but it's also a chasm of sheer human stupidity.

If you want to know what it feels like to get a frontal lobotomy from an orangutan using the tools from Operation, just spend some time on that platform.

In the past, it's been tricky to decide who deserves the dumbest of the dumb award, with honorable mentions obviously going to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, David Hogg, and Joe Biden's entire comms team.

But this weekend, I came across a post that makes AOC seem like Aristotle.

I mean ... where do you start?

Donald Trump is exactly like Adolf Hitler ... if you ignore that Donald Trump pursued foreign polices that reduced worldwide violence, relinquished power after losing an election four years into his presidency and hasn't held power in any form since, and was replaced by his political opponent, who proceeded to leverage the entire Justice Department to shut down any and all external domestic threats.

Oh, and I'm also struggling to find the millions of Jews murdered by Donald Trump during his four-year regime ... ignoring that life for American Jews (let alone Jews worldwide) is immeasurably more dangerous under Joe Biden's leadership.

This post from Andrea Junker is total junk, and is debunked by anyone with access to a single historical account of the 20th century.

Honestly, it would be hilarious if she weren't standing on the graves of tens of millions of innocents to make a political jab at Trump.

But in all seriousness, as we trudge our way towards what may be the most geriatric presidential election in human history this November, we need to be ready for a return of this particular "Heil Mary" play: Trump is Hitler.

Because that's all they had in 2020, and it's definitely all they have now.

They can't run on the economy, or the border, or health policy, or education, or foreign policy, or crime.

But what they can run on is a recreation of reality, both now and in the past. And that's why it's crucial for those of us who still live in reality to fight back against every single lie. Humiliate the ignorance of the propagandists, and educate the people being targeted by their lies.

Why does fighting back against this stupidity matter? Why not just let it lie?

Because every person we fail to protect from this hyperbolic nonsense is being groomed to be a Joe Biden voter.

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